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Ar-T is an up and coming hip hop artist from NY.  At the age of 16 Ar-T first started writing songs and lyrics then soon after he started rapping. After struggling to make a splash in NY for 3 years he decided to make a move to Boston, Massachussetts. Four years of living in Boston Ar-T became a certified chef but music always remained his passion. Staying focused, Ar-T never swayed from realizing his dreams. Now a part of the Stage Music Group and family, Ar-T is about to take the next step in his music career and with his PDX brand.  Ar-T was the first artist ever to perform at Western New York's largest fashion show which streamed live to over 30 countries.  Ar-T has opened up for rappers such as Montana of 300 and he is currently finishing up his mix tape that will be available for a free download before he drops his debut CD.

​For more information and to follow Ar-T visit

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